"Making Good Customers Better."™

It happens millions of times each week–a customer shops at a convenience store, a drug store, supermarket, restaurant or a host of other retail channels–and they hand over their loyalty card to earn valuable rewards points. Each interaction is unique. It’s just a moment in time, but it’s a connection that binds retailers and their most precious commodity: their customers.

As a national leader in rewards programs and loyalty solutions, KickBack develops business solutions that make retail operators smarter, more profitable and helps to elevate their entire organization to learn how to anticipate the growing needs of their customers. With more than 15 years of experience, we’re recognized as the market leader in building rewarding customer experiences that generate brand loyalty, build repeat store visits and increase bottom line sales.

KickBack recognizes that to succeed in today’s competitive retail environment, business must be armed with accurate, reliable and intelligent data. Working with retail operators of all sizes–and across all retail channels–KickBack provides powerful business intelligence that is guaranteed to help you grow your business. At Kickback, we are committed to growth through service to our partner companies.

In every market that we have entered and every chain we work with we’ve tried to make it a little better than we found it.

Why do we do this? Because we understand the challenges retailers are facing. KickBack was founded a convenience store owner in Twin Falls, Idaho who noticed that the competitors were swooping in and taking the little guys market share. So one day this convenience store operator and a group of business owners as a means to compete with the larger competitors implemented a loyalty marketing business model. With that idea KickBack Points was born. Our home base is still in the little town of Twin Falls, but we are no longer a little company!

Our Coalition Loyalty Program, Kickback Points is one of multiple programs that are now under the company KickBack Reward Systems. We determined that through loyalty marketing our customers would be able to reward their customers and protect their market share from attrition. By continuing with this model, we have grown to over 2,000 sites in 49 states and Canada and still growing strong. KickBack stands as the leader in loyalty marketing across multiple retail channels.

As a company, we have high expectations of each other and work as a team to develop things we are all proud of. That mindset, along with our world-class execution, has allowed KickBack to develop and implement innovative products and grow into the profitable business it is today.

As we continue helping our partners grow ROI and build loyal customers, we stay true to our business model to “make good customers better.” KickBack is truly a turnkey management and administration company specializing in loyalty marketing, data management, promotions, along with program implementation, design and continuous operations support.