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The 10-store Nebraska convenience store chain launched Uncle Neal’s Rewards to drive new business and reward its existing customers.

Hastings, Nebraska - Uncle Neal’s, a family-owned and -operated convenience store chain in Hastings, Nebraska, has announced the launch of a comprehensive customer loyalty program that offers customers ways to save money, earn points and get rewarded for purchases both in-store and at the fuel pumps.

Customers can join Uncle Neal’s Rewards, which launched chainwide at the company’s 10 convenience stores in South Central Nebraska in July, for free. Once customers join the program and register their Uncle Neal’s loyalty card, they will start earning reward points on their very next purchase.

The proprietary loyalty program is powered by KickBack Rewards Systems.

Justin Hoff, a supervisor for the family business, said Uncle Neal’s was looking for a way to keep customers coming back to the stores and gain a competitive advantage by driving business among new customers.

“We have a very loyal base of customers and we are excited to be able to give them an opportunity to earn rewards and discounts on everything from foodservice to fuel,” Hoff said. “For the customers that we haven’t been able to pull in off the street, we are looking to give them a strong value proposition to try and stay loyal to the Uncle Neal’s brand.”

The program finished rolling out to stores in July and in about 8 weeks Uncle Neal’s has issued more than 13,000 loyalty cards.

“There are not a lot of com On a daily basis, Fantasy Football players rang up an average of 69,456 transactions per, a 14% increase over the same period in 2012. Plus, cardholders averaged a slightly more than 1,700 rewards redemptions per day throughout November 2013, up a robust 16% from November 2012.

This year’s contest was a hit from the season’s opening kickoff. For example, while the number of active cardholders did not noticeably increase year-over-year in September and October, the number of transactions they had in an effort to get top Fantasy Football players did. In September, cardholder visits to KickBack merchants increased 12% from last year. Visits increased 13% in October.

The contest is supported by KickBack’s world-class loyalty interface. All cardholders receive weekly emails that notify them of their stats and placement. Cardholders can, at any time, log on to panies in our market with loyalty programs so the response has been very good,” Hoff said. “As the program catches on, we expect even stronger numbers.”

Uncle Neal’s was founded by Hoff’s uncles, Neal Hoff and Craig Hoff, and his father, Jerry Hoff. The chain now also has Piccadilly Pizza in three location and its fuel brands include CENEX at eight locations and Phillips 66 at two stores.

As retailers look to drive traffic to their stores, a loyalty program can help tilt the playing field in their favor. KickBack’s mission is to create value for its retailer partners during the purchase experience. In addition to increasing sales and strengthening customer relationships, KickBack’s customer rewards experience yields a treasure of analytical data that will help chains of all sizes attract new business and satisfy their existing customer base.

KickBack Rewards Systems has been an innovator and leader in loyalty solutions since it was founded by retailers in 1999. Today, KickBack stands as the leader in loyalty marketing in the convenience store, quick-service restaurant and grocery channels and has also designed effective programs for drug stores, gaming casinos, truck stops, furniture stores, clothing stores, and many others.

“What makes the KickBack program innovative and unique is its comprehensive ability to analyze transaction data to help stores understand who their customers are, what they are buying, when they are buying it and calculating the right reward to bring them back again and again,” said Pat Lewis, CEO of KickBack Points. “This can be instant price rollbacks at the fuel pumps, a free cup of coffee or discounts on groceries.”

About Uncle Neal’s Convenience Stores

Uncle Neal’s Convenience Stores operates 10 stores in South Central Nebraska. The family-owned business was founded by Neal Hoff, Jerry Hoff and Craig Hoff and is currently operated by two generations of the Hoff family. In addition to its 10 c-stores, the company operates three Piccadilly Pizza units and is partnered with CENEX and Phillips 66 for its fuel program.

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Once I started carrying the KickBack Points card, I started shopping Alta Convenience Stores a little more. I enjoy getting the rewards, but I really enjoy their employees as well. I look forward to my visits.

Chris Park, Customer & KickBack Systems Super Bowl Giveaway Winner

The KickBack Points program has been a great boost for our business and having the grand prize winner come from one of our stores has been an extremely exciting experience... Chris was really surprised and sincerely grateful to win the grand prize. As a company, it feels great to reward one of our loyal customers with such a fantastic opportunity.

Dennis Dirkse, Area Sales Manager for Pester Marketing Co.

Each of these brands has their own loyalty program, but it was our company’s contention that it was better for us to market one loyalty program, Rattlers Rewards, than to try to market three separate programs to our customers. We went with KickBack Rewards because they were very easy to work with and the rollout was fairly smooth for a business transition of this size.

Jim Kolkhorst, CEO of Kolkhorst Petroleum Co, Inc.

We are in a very competitive market surrounded by larger retailers with rewards programs. During our due diligence phase, we learned that a lot of our customers were already participating in KickBack's program at Conoco and Phillips 66 locations. By joining the coalition, we are able to help our loyal customers earn discounts, prizes and other great rewards. It's really a win-win for everyone.

Troy Plane, Company Owner and General Manager at Phillips 66

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