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Loyalty programs will shift customer behavior in your favor.

“Companies with successful loyalty programs deliver a clear value proposition to target customers without trying to be all things to all customers.”

McKinsey & Co.

Loyalty programs are everywhere in the retail industry. Customers interact with them multiple times almost every day—whether shopping at a grocery store, buying a cup of coffee, or purchasing a new DVD.

Retailers have many questions when it comes to implementing a loyalty solution. Do loyalty programs really work? Can a loyalty program change how people behave and get them to spend more money with that company? Can loyalty programs reduce the likelihood that customers will shop at one of your competitors?

Many retailers have implemented loyalty programs. The retail loyalty market is fairly broad. In some segments—such as grocery, for instance—loyalty programs have become ubiquitous.

While retailers have lagged other industries in terms of implementing customer relationship management (CRM) systems and strategies, loyalty is a hot area. An Oracle loyalty study found that retailers that can develop and sustain distinctive loyalty programs that change customer behavior will create a true competitive advantage.

KickBack Rewards Systems develops loyalty programs with the needs of retailers top of mind. Kickback’s innovative solutions and unique approach to loyalty have proven to:

There is a clear need for loyalty programs in the retail industry. However, rather than simply mimicking current programs, which will only lead to a competitive stalemate and increased costs all around, retailers—both those planning to introduce a loyalty program for the first time and those wanting to tune up their existing program—should design loyalty program offerings to yield true competitive advantage. This is one area where KickBack exceeds the expectations of its retailer partners. KickBack’s experienced Customer Relationship Managers will help business owners determine:

The loyalty strategy should be holistic and address how each of the key levers — marketing, rewards, and service—should be targeted at and provided to each member segment. In addition, a company must have a clear understand of what it wants to accomplish both today and in the future.

At its base level, the loyalty program is a way for retailers to understand their customer base beyond a cash transaction. KickBack’s loyalty solutions begin with helping retailers create a vibrant profile of their customers by gaining a comprehensive understanding of who their customer is. This vital information includes:

Retailers can then use this information to segment the members (for example, moving beyond tiers to even more narrowly segment the members by lifestyle, purchase patterns, life stage, and so on).

Loyalty programs are designed to change members’ behavior by providing an interlocking series of benefits and rewards. Companies can provide a variety of incentives, from special discounts to improved service to free items. The main rewards currently offered by retailers, according to Oracle and Forrester Research, include:

All of these rewards are geared toward cost savings for the member. Discounts and rebates are important parts of the loyalty reward structure. Ninety percent of shoppers say that their initial reason for joining a loyalty program was to save money, Forrester found.

Discounts/rebates can be especially important for specific member segments that the retailer would like to keep as customers (such as frugal families). They are also valuable in targeted situations, such as increasing the purchasing frequency of an infrequently purchased item.

Retailers can do this by implementing a rewards strategy that uses a variety of coordinated and targeted incentives to cost-effectively change specific behaviors.

KickBack’s loyalty solutions help retailers identify guidelines for creating these targeted rewards offerings, such as:

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Once I started carrying the KickBack Points card, I started shopping Alta Convenience Stores a little more. I enjoy getting the rewards, but I really enjoy their employees as well. I look forward to my visits.

Chris Park, Customer & KickBack Systems Super Bowl Giveaway Winner

The KickBack Points program has been a great boost for our business and having the grand prize winner come from one of our stores has been an extremely exciting experience... Chris was really surprised and sincerely grateful to win the grand prize. As a company, it feels great to reward one of our loyal customers with such a fantastic opportunity.

Dennis Dirkse, Area Sales Manager for Pester Marketing Co.

Each of these brands has their own loyalty program, but it was our company’s contention that it was better for us to market one loyalty program, Rattlers Rewards, than to try to market three separate programs to our customers. We went with KickBack Rewards because they were very easy to work with and the rollout was fairly smooth for a business transition of this size.

Jim Kolkhorst, CEO of Kolkhorst Petroleum Co, Inc.

We are in a very competitive market surrounded by larger retailers with rewards programs. During our due diligence phase, we learned that a lot of our customers were already participating in KickBack's program at Conoco and Phillips 66 locations. By joining the coalition, we are able to help our loyal customers earn discounts, prizes and other great rewards. It's really a win-win for everyone.

Troy Plane, Company Owner and General Manager at Phillips 66

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