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KickBack Rewards Systems is a loyalty program provider designed by retailers for retailers as a way to say “Thank you” to your loyal customers.

KickBack Rewards Systems is convinced that we are the most complete and affordable loyalty solution provider available.

KickBack Rewards Systems provides a full gamut of loyalty-related services. We provide turnkey solutions and offer the back-end management and administration experience necessary for retail operators of all sizes to offer a world class loyalty program. Some of our services include:

  • Loyalty Consulting
  • Program Architecture
  • Equipment and Supplies Procurement
  • Promotional Marketing Consultation
  • Onsite Set-Up, Training and Continuous Ongoing Support
  • A Toll Free Call Center to Support Cardholders
  • Private Transaction Network
  • CRM Services
  • Supply Procurement
  • A 24-HR Technical Support Center for Retailers
  • Customized Reporting
  • Quarterly Progress Reports
  • Private Label Credit Programs
  • Loyalty Budgeting
  • Data Entry for Cardholders
  • 24-HR Program Reporting
  • 24-HR Web Support
  • Gift Card Programs

Loyalty Marketing is directed at your current loyal customers in hopes of nurturing them to be even better customers. These programs also collect valuable historical purchasing data on its members that can be leveraged for targeted and relevant traditional promotional marketing.

A well designed loyalty program should accomplish three basic goals:

  1. Decrease customer attrition
  2. Increase average frequency of visit
  3. Increase the average ticket size

But, even more importantly, a winning loyalty solution begins with determining what you are looking to achieve. Before making technology decisions for the future, it’s vital to get clear understanding about what you’re looking to achieve, who your core customers are, who your target customers are, how you want to attract these new customers and what kind of rewards you would like to offer them. This is where KickBack Rewards Systems separates itself. Our experienced Loyalty Consultants will work with you to help you gain a clear understanding of what you would like to achieve and how we can get there together.

Yes. The detailed data captured at the point-of-sale (POS) yields a treasure trove of actionable, real-time information on your most loyal customers that allows retail companies to segment each store by the types of customers they serve, where they are shopping, what they are buying and when they are buying it.

Equally important is that an effective loyalty program will help you anticipate the needs of your customers and help you tailor targeted promotions to specific customers through text messages, digital couponing and even social media. This is very powerful information that can be used for marketing with pinpoint accuracy. With this information your traditional marketing efforts will be infinitely more effective at a fraction of the cost. Members of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) department are available to assist all KickBack members with getting the most out of your data.

Customers reward great service with loyalty. Experience has shown us that when customers feel appreciated, rewarded, vested and respected for their patronage, they will want to give you more of their business. They will be less inclined to do business with your competitors. Properly designed loyalty programs greatly enhance the overall way a customer feels about your brand, the service you provide and products you offer.

Yes. Price, deals, discounts and loyalty programs are, more than ever, increasingly influencing where consumers purchase everyday items such as gasoline, how much they spend and which brands they purchase.

Rewards can be earned and conveniently redeemed directly at the pump, without requiring additional purchases at other retailers. Rewards accumulate automatically and may be redeemed instantly, without the wait for monthly statements like many loyalty programs. KickBack Rewards Systems strongly believes that when customers receive immediate rewards at the register or at the pumps, they value the retailer and the rewards program even more. While the savings quickly translates to added value for shoppers, the longer term benefit for store owners is increased traffic, repeat visits and incremental sales growth.

A coalition loyalty program will partner two or more businesses, possibly with different ownership, to participate in one vibrant program. From a customer’s point of view, they can join at one business and can possibly use the card at other locations. This increases the perceived value and usefulness of the membership to the consumer.

A proprietary loyalty program is sponsored by a single business with one or more locations. Customers earn rewards when they use their card during each visit to the store. While much narrower in scope, some companies prefer the simplicity of this type of program.

KickBack Rewards Systems is certified to integrate into the vast majority of the major retail point-of-sale systems on the market today. Integration will depend on your current system and its capabilities and on what exactly you want to do. KickBack Rewards Systems also offers a myriad of solutions for those companies that are currently utilizing non-compatible or proprietary POS systems. Regardless of POS system, we have great solutions for anyone who wants to do a loyalty program.

Yes. 100% of all transactions will be fully encrypted to protect the valuable data against corporate espionage and identity theft. All of our systems are protected from unauthorized access at every level. Our servers are all housed in secure and hardened facilities with multiple levels of redundancies and data backup.

Costs vary based several factors such as the technology solutions desired, level of support desired, program administration, training, etc. KickBack Rewards Systems utilizes a proprietary cost projection method called “the Numbers” to project the likely costs of your loyalty program. We also specialize in designing programs that are among the most cost efficient and effective in the industry. Email us at [email protected] anytime to get a free quote!

Once you decide to partner with KickBack Rewards Systems, it is our highest priority to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Deployment depends on a number of factors such as the size of your business, the number of locations, the amount of customization required and how quickly we can train employees. In general, the timeframe to launch a loyalty program can take three to twelve weeks.

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As a national leader in rewards programs and loyalty solutions, KickBack Rewards Systems develops business solutions that make retail operators smarter, more profitable and helps to elevate their entire organization to learn how to anticipate the growing needs of their customers.

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Once I started carrying the KickBack Points card, I started shopping Alta Convenience Stores a little more. I enjoy getting the rewards, but I really enjoy their employees as well. I look forward to my visits.

Chris Park, Customer & KickBack Systems Super Bowl Giveaway Winner

The KickBack Points program has been a great boost for our business and having the grand prize winner come from one of our stores has been an extremely exciting experience... Chris was really surprised and sincerely grateful to win the grand prize. As a company, it feels great to reward one of our loyal customers with such a fantastic opportunity.

Dennis Dirkse, Area Sales Manager for Pester Marketing Co.

Each of these brands has their own loyalty program, but it was our company’s contention that it was better for us to market one loyalty program, Rattlers Rewards, than to try to market three separate programs to our customers. We went with KickBack Rewards because they were very easy to work with and the rollout was fairly smooth for a business transition of this size.

Jim Kolkhorst, CEO of Kolkhorst Petroleum Co, Inc.

We are in a very competitive market surrounded by larger retailers with rewards programs. During our due diligence phase, we learned that a lot of our customers were already participating in KickBack's program at Conoco and Phillips 66 locations. By joining the coalition, we are able to help our loyal customers earn discounts, prizes and other great rewards. It's really a win-win for everyone.

Troy Plane, Company Owner and General Manager at Phillips 66

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